Lincoln Center, DOJ reach settlement to increase disability access


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Lincoln Center, DOJ Reach Settlement to Increase Disability Access

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High School &Above


In accordance with recent accessibility lawsuit, The Lincoln Center in New York has agreed to remove some architectural barriers from its premises, among other changes.  Since the passage of the ADA, the Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights has been proactive in improving accessibility at numerous other locations throughout the city.

Review Questions

When was the Americans with Disabilities Act passed?

What other changes has the Lincoln Center agreed to carry out in order to increase accessibility?

What other iconic locations throughout New York has the DOJ been trying to increase accessibility in?

Free writing “Journal” Prompt

Why are these impending changes to the Lincoln Center important?

In your experience, have you noticed any resistance to change, in anyone? Why do you think this happens?

What about this report do you have questions about, or want to know more about?