Jean Driscoll, Marathon Champion

Portrait of Jean Driscoll
Jean Driscoll

Jean Driscoll was born in Milwaukee. She was born with spina bifida, that’s an open spine. Jean could not walk or do much of anything.

She began using a wheel chair at 15. She heard of it from her friend in high school. Jean’s Milwaukee high school provided her with wheel chair sports for herself.

After Jean was transported to University of Illinois some of the best coaches developed her into the world’s most successful coach in the world. During her career time, she was the 1st winner of the Boston Marathon.

Jean set five new course records. She also earned the title of the Boston’s fastest women wheel chair racer. Jean also won a Olympic gold medal. Jean still remains the 12-time champion of the Lilac Booms day, 12k race held in Spokane.

Jean has changed many people lives including mine.