Indonesia ratifies UN Convention

Photo of Indonesia flag - the top half is red and bottom half is white.
News from Indonesia

The House of Representatives of the world’s fourth-most populated country ratified the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Tuesday.

When the treaty was formed in 2006, Indonesia was the ninth out of 83 countries to sign the convention.  However, it then took more than four years for the country’s legislature to ratify the treaty.

The treaty requires signees to take steps to end discrimination against people with disabilities, such as employment discrimination, limits on mobility and the end of inhuman or degrading treatments.

“Although there are laws that guarantee and protect persons with disabilities, the reality is far from the expected. There are many rights that have yet to be implemented optimally, such as access to decent work, public services and equal treatment,” said Chairunnisa, deputy chairman of Commission VIII overseeing religious and social affairs, in an article in the Jakarta Post

Indonesia is now the 107th country to ratify the convention. President Obama signed the treaty in 2009.