Indian state to print election ballots in Braille

Polling stations will be accessible to people who are blind in the January 30 election in the Indian state of Punjab.

For the first time, the ballot papers will be offered in Braille.

A photo of page with Braille dots

“The ballot paper for blind people has to be prepared which can be easily utilized by them to cast the vote in favour of the candidate belonging to a particular political party,” said senior vice president cum in charge of an institute, Major General Rajendra Nath (retired), according to an article in Disability News Asia.

The decision culminates an eight-year push by the Institute for the Blind to increase accessibility for people who are blind in the electoral process.

“Number one, it will provide us independence and number two, it will enhance our confidence, dignity, self-esteem and we will enjoy the equal educational opportunity,” said  Jagannath Jayara, a headmaster of the Institute for the Blind, in an article for India Express.

Punjab is one of five Indian states  with an election scheduled  this year.