India fails to pass major disability rights bill

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India fails to pass major disability rights bill

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Despite nearly three weeks of protests, the Indian Parliament adjourned from its winter session February 19th without passing a closely watched Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill. On February 3rd, thousands of demonstrators converged in New Delhi to urge approval of the measure, which, if passed, would represent the largest overhaul of the country’s disability protections since 1995. Although protests continued throughout the sessions, the Parliament failed to vote on the bill.

Review Questions

What was the Indian bill modeled after?


How many people with disabilities would have benefited from this bill if it were passed?


What percent of the government workforce is required to be persons with disabilities?


On what day did demonstrators converge in New Delhi?


Free Writing Prompt


Why is it significant that a country has a comprehensive disability rights bill?


What do you think of the government officials pledging their support and then not following through on that pledge?


Do you think the government should consult with disability rights groups on this bill?



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Release Date: February 26th, 2014