Independence remains out of reach for many

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Equal ooportunity

President Barack Obama released a presidential proclamation July 26 in commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“Not content to accept the world as it was, (people with disabilities) marched and organized and testified, coupling quiet acts of persistence and perseverance with vocal acts of advocacy. And step by step, progress was won. Protections were put into law. And a wave of change swept across our country,” Obama stated. “Yet, despite the gains we have made, independence and freedom from discrimination remain out of reach for too many individuals with disabilities.”

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez also released a statement, detailing the administration’s efforts on behalf of people with disabilities.

Also on the ADA’s anniversary, PBS NewHour aired a segment featuring a discussion regarding what is largely viewed as the landmark law’s greatest failure, the perpetually low employment rate for people with disabilities.

“The ADA gave us access and equal opportunity for people with disabilities but the one thing you can’t legislate is attitude,” Jill Houghton of the U.S. Business Leadership Network told PBS.