High-tech spoon cancels out hand tremors

For people with hand tremors caused by diseases such as Parkinson’s, usually carefree and fun social situations, like eating out with friends, can turn into stressful, anxiety-inducing events. Over the years people have sought many different solutions for hand tremors. Now, a science and engineering team called Lift Labs thinks they have a good answer. The group has developed a high-tech spoon that employs “cancelation technology” to allow an individual’s hand to continue to shake as usual, while stabilizing the food. The device is called the Liftware Spoon. Anupam Pathak, of Lift Labs, states that the motivation behind the creation of the spoon was born from “seeing some of my own friends struggling with the tremor, [and realizing] the frustration, loss of dignity, and social isolation that tremors can have. I wanted to create something that would allow people to go out to restaurants, or simply enjoy a meal without stress.” The spoon is designed specifically for people with essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease. According to a pilot study, mentioned in the video below, the spoon allows for a 71-76% tremor reduction rate. The Liftware Spoon costs $295, although the money given through the donate section on the company’s website goes towards providing spoons for people who cannot afford to pay the whole price. Currently, 140 Liftware spoons have been donated.

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