Harriet Tubman, Slave and Freedom Fighter

She was born in 1820 in the time when slavery was allowed. She was the greatest slave rescuer in the Underground Railway during the Civil War.

Portrait of Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman

When she was a child, she was taken away south.  She went back and years went by and Harriet was grown up and a better slave.

One day she was going to be taken away so she escaped. She went on a long hard trail. Finally she reached the north where the north was freedom.

For years she helped other slaves escape. In the Civil War she was a spy and went with soldiers and helped slaves escape. She died in 1913 but was a great person.

One day when a slave was punished Harriet didn’t want the slave to be punished. The slave broke free but the overseer chased the slave but Harriet stood in his way so the overseer threw a heavy weight at the slave but it hit Harriet instead. She fell down to the ground and she was in a coma for days but the slave owner was mad but for the rest of her life she had sleeping sickness.