Guatemala Institution Ordered to Improve

The video for this lesson contains time sensitive information. Developments in the project discussed in the video which occurred after the release date are not covered in the video or this curriculum. See “Follow-Up Assignments” below for a way of addressing this fact in your lesson plan.

Lesson Title

Guatemala Institution Ordered to Improve

 Video title, link and release date

Guatemala Institution Ordered to Improve, January 5, 2013

Video length

Two minutes and twenty-four seconds

Grade level

High school

Video Summary

  • Following allegations of abuse, a Guatemalan psychiatric hospital has been formally ordered to overhaul its operations.
  • The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ordered the Guatemalan government to intervene by separating children from adults at the hospital.
  • Disability Rights International deemed the facility “inherently dangerous” after research conducted at the hospital.
  • The ruling sets a new precedent that unsafe facilities will not be tolerated throughout the Americas.

Review Questions

What organizations were involved in the ruling involving the Guatemalan hospital?


According to the New York Times, what does the new ruling signify?


Freewriting “Journal” Prompt

What about this report do you have questions about?


What do you want to know more about?



Disability Rights International, New York Times, Al Jazeera

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