Girl and puppy, both deaf, share message of love

People looking to adopt a pet may hesitate at taking in a pet with a disability. That was the case for Walter, a deaf puppy, before he met his current owners. Now Walter lives with ten-year old Julia and her mom Chrissy. Julia and Chrissy chose Walter because Julia was also born deaf. Together, the two are working to live in a world that does not always immediately accommodate them. Chrissy told the Pasadena Humane Society, where they first met Walter, that, “Walter was meant to be a part of our family… Julia has taken over the big sister role and is loving teaching [Walter] sign language. I never let her feel any different because of her hearing loss and it’s amazing how she is doing the same with Walter.”

Julia, Chrissy, and the folks at Pasadena Humane Society and 1620 Media came together to share Julia and Walter’s story. Through the video below, they are spreading the message that no matter how different or lonely you may feel, you can find companionship. And it might just be at your local humane society.

This video may begin with a commercial which was not chosen by or for the benefit of Rooted in Rights.

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Emily Pate is a third-year student at Seattle University interested in Strategic Communications, learning Spanish, and working with non-profits. Her work for Rooted In Rights is focused on discussing current events in the community of people with disabilities. Her experience previous to Rooted In Rights includes writing broadcasts for KBOO radio in Portland, OR, and managing a neighborhood blog in the Seattle community. In addition to work, Emily enjoys drawing, spending time with her friends and family, and backpacking.