Ginny Ruffner, Glass Artist

Portrait of Ginny Ruffner
Ginny Ruffner

Who is Ginny? Ginny is an internationally known glass artist. She was born in 1952, now she is about 60 years old. Her work is contemporary.

About 20 years ago, she was in a terrible car accident and the other car ran head on into her car, and she suffered a serious head injury.

After the accident Ginny had a hard time with her speech, vision, and moving her left side of her body. She communicated with an alphabet board, and if she wanted to talk she pointed to the letters to spell words.

Some people wondered if her head injury affected her creativity. She still wanted to an artist, and when she was in the hospital she used the alphabet board to spell “I need my studio.”

Ginny Ruffner made a great recovery and today is a working artist.

She has artwork all over Seattle and even has her own web site.  Click here for Ginny’s website.