Fashion designer considers people with disabilities in new collection

People with disabilities are often excluded in the world of fashion. The clothes we wear daily are designed with a vision of an able-bodied person in mind. This person has two arms and two legs, walks unaided, is not-color blind, and does not need assistance when dressing themselves.

Yet an art student at New York City’s Parsons School of Design is being recognized for her work developing clothes with people with disabilities in mind. Lucy Jones won the Womenswear Designer of the Year for the class of 2015 for what she calls her ‘Seated Collection.’ Her clothes are designed for people who use wheelchairs, or who will be sitting down for lengthy amounts of time.

Jones took her lead from the 100 or so people with disabilities she interviewed. According to Fashionista, she discovered that “Everyone was telling me that they just didn’t feel considered in fashion and they just had to make do.”

Jones has accounted for clothing wear and tear caused by friction from the wheelchair, as well as changes in body form when sitting verses standing, focusing on areas with the largest amount of variation such as elbows and knees. Jones was prompted to consider how fashion relates to people with disabilities by her cousin, who uses a wheelchair. Jones’ collection can be viewed in the windows of the iconic New York City department store, Saks, on Fifth Avenue.

The video below was created by the Huffington Post.

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Emily Pate is a third-year student at Seattle University interested in Strategic Communications, learning Spanish, and working with non-profits. Her work for Rooted In Rights is focused on discussing current events in the community of people with disabilities. Her experience previous to Rooted In Rights includes writing broadcasts for KBOO radio in Portland, OR, and managing a neighborhood blog in the Seattle community. In addition to work, Emily enjoys drawing, spending time with her friends and family, and backpacking.