Facebook Roundup

1.   In La Paz, Bolivia a group of people with disabilities protesting for better welfare support were met by riot officers.

the words the guardian on a storefront
The Guardian

According to The Guardian, “a caravan of about 50 adults and children ended a 1,000 mile, 100 day trek through Bolivia near government offices in La Paz.”  However riot police used pepper spray to stop the protesters from reaching the legislature.  The clashes landed several people in the hospital and 4 were detained.  Found on Center for Leadership in Disability Facebook page.

2.   David Andrews has Down Syndrome but that hasn’t stopped his fiery spirit when it comes to basketball.  Andrews was given a chance by his high school basketball coach to play and said, “keeping David on my team was the best decision I’ve made all year”.  Andrews plays for Germantown High School, where at the beginning of the season he was a bench warmer.  However, after one game showed his true talent of making basket after basket, David soon clinched a starting spot and even helped his team win a  county championship.  Watch the remarkable story here.  Found on Disability Scoop Facebook page.

3.   According to U.S. News, Obama’s budget proposal for year 2013 leaves some funding issues unclear for students with disabilities.  The Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities grant, is “a five-year plan that started in fiscal year 2010.”  Its main purpose was to help students with intellectual disabilities to and move through college.  At least 27 institutions throughout the United States were receiving funding for the program.  President Barack Obama, has not yet indicated whether or not these programs will be funded in the budget proposal.  Found on Student Disability Rights Advocacy Network Facebook page.

4.   Judith Heumann appeared on The Morning Show a couple of weeks ago to talk about creating inclusive environments.  Judith Heumann is a disability rights activist and is now the Special Advisor on Disability Rights for the U.S. State Department under President Obama.  If you have a moment in your busy day, please watch the video!  Found on Judith Heumann, Special Adviser for International Disability Rights Facebook page.

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I am currently a senior at Seattle University hoping to raise awareness through the blogosphere and several social media platforms.