Facebook Roundup

1.   Mashable has put together a list of 6 new tech-savvy gadgets that are helping people with disabilities.

A photograph of a hand holding a Headmouse
HeadMouse Extreme

The products are being featured at the 27th Annual International Tech and Persons With Disabilities Conference in San Diego, California.  Gadgets such as the HeadMouse Extreme and the RUBY handheld video magnifier are being featured at the conference.  Check out the slideshow on Mashable.  If you have time make sure to check out how the iPad is helping people with disabilities.  Found on Center For Leadership in DisabilityFacebook page.

2.    David Finch has been dealing with Asperger’s syndrome quite recently.  Asperger’s is an autistic disorder that is most often characterized with difficulty in communicating and reading social cues.  Finch decided that in order to help himself he would study how other people would act.  He listened to Howard Stern constantly and would note how he “modulated his voice” or how “he would slow his speech down or speed it up to make a point”.  Finch also watched David Letterman to observe his body language.  Finch has said, “I always thought conversations were overrated. But now that I could actually do it, I thought it was really cool.”  Found on Disablity Scoop Facebook page.

3.   The month of March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.  For more information on how you can help or be more aware visit The Arc.  Found on Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund Facebook page.

4.   In a previous Facebook roundup I highlighted the first ever Seattle Deaf Film Festival taking place at the Universityof Washington (Kane Hall 120).  Tickets are now available online.  Just click on the movie that you would like to see and you can buy individual tickets.  (Students are $8/ticket and adults are $11/ticket)  Weekend passes are also available here.  If you aren’t doing anything March 30-April 1 in Seattle, go check it out!

5.   According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Bank of America is being charged for discriminating against home buyers with disabilities.  Apparently, “Bank of America imposed unnecessary and burdensome requirements on borrowers who relied on disability income to qualify for their home loans and even required some disabled borrowers to provide physician statements to qualify for home mortgage loans”.  HUD’s charge is based on complaints from borrowers in both Michigan and Wisconsin.  Found on Disability Rights Montana Facebook Page.  An article by Andy Jones can also be found on Galaxy’s National Page.

I am currently a senior at Seattle University hoping to raise awareness through the blogosphere and several social media platforms.