From Diagnosis to Disability + Mad Justice: A 2-Part Series

July 21, 2021

Wednesday, July 21 and Wednesday, July 28
6:00 – 8:00 pm EST
Online (Zoom) with live captions and ASL interpreting
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From event hosts:

Please note: There are two events happening as part of this series. You can choose to register for the live or recorded versions of one or both events (but must register for each separately). Please look at the selection options carefully!

Suggested Donation: $25-30 for one event / $40-60 for both (We welcome and appreciate any donation amount, and ask folks to contribute what you’re able to. If you cannot make a donation please fill out this form – nobody will be turned away for a lack of funds)

Access: Live captions in English & ASL interpretations. Events will be recorded and take place on Zoom.

Questions? [email protected]

Thank you to the Center for Constitutional Rights for your partnership on this series!

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Panel Discussion: with Stella Akua Mensah, Chanika Svetvilas, Jess Stohlmann-Rainey, and Vesper Moore

July 21st (6-8 PM EST)

A space to share wisdom and experiences from folks who moved within and through the medical and psychiatric industrial complexes– away from a strict biological view of “mental illness” and individualized rhetoric towards a liberation-centered, justice-oriented understanding of our bodyminds.


Teach-In: Disabled and mad histories of pathologization and how we fought back

July 28th (6-8 PM EST)

Britney Spears brought the violence of conservatorships into the spotlight, but there’s a very long (and often unknown) history of abuse, violence, sterilization, incarceration, and denial of humanity towards mad, mentally ill, Disabled, and neurodivergent (MMIND) folks. During this teach-in, we will be analyzing how capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, anti-Blackness, ableism, and eugenics laid the foundation for psychiatry, mental health care, and systems set up to control Disabled people (that many believe are here to “help” us). We will also be discussing the ways in which our community members continue to be restrained, confined, and incarcerated– whether it be in nursing facilities, psychiatric prisons, jails, or young autistic youth being shocked at the Judge Rotenberg Center. Our vision is liberation for our mad and Disabled and neurodivergent comrades; and freedom from all institutions, open air prisons, surveillance, abusive medical and interpersonal relationships, and abolition of all practices that restrict or remove our autonomy and self-determination. Come grow with us!