Diversability Unplugged: Dating & Relationships

February 24, 2021

Saturday, February 24 from 4:00pm – 5:15pm PST

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If you’re a disabled person in a relationship or navigating the dating scene, chances are you have dealt with both challenges and advantages when it comes to disability and romance. You might have experienced misconceptions or ableist rejection. Or you overcame accessibility challenges with your own unique bonding experience. You may have even finally found someone who “gets you” in every way. The list is endless. That’s why we’re hosting Diversability Unplugged: Dating & Relationships, all about the ins/outs and ups/downs of romance for persons with disabilities.

This session will be recorded.

Attendees may keep their videos off for privacy or comfort, and are free to leave at any time. All sessions will be in English and ASL interpreters will be present. We will also use Zoom’s auto-captioning feature. Please email Whitney Bailey at [email protected] for other accessibility needs and/or questions.

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