Dozens of disabilities added to Social Security fast-track benefits process

The U.S. Social Security Administration is adding 52 new disabilities to its Compassionate Allowance conditions, making them eligible for a fast-track process for approving disability benefits.

Social Security Administration Sign
Social Security Administration

The fast-track process allows people to obtain benefits within days, as opposed to months or years.

“Social Security will continue to work with the medical community and patient organizations to add more conditions,” Commissioner  Michael Astrue said in a news release, dated April 11, which lists the new conditions. “With our Compassionate Allowances program, we quickly approved disability benefits for nearly 61,000 people with severe disabilities in the past fiscal year, and nearly 173,000 applications since the program began.”

Since the Compassionate Allowances program began in 2008, the number of disabilities has increased from 50 to 165.