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It’s hard to believe that we launched only seven months ago! Since May, we’ve made dozens of videos, written countless blog posts, and kept you up to date on the disability rights movement.

Here are just some highlights:

Next year, we want to keep bringing you new videos and new stories from the disability rights movement worldwide. We’ll tackle criminal justice reform, fair wages, voting, and a ton of other issues.

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One response to “Help us tell the stories of the disability rights movement

  1. Thanks for taking a stand inn service to people of disability Good pos.ppr.

    HOWEVER, there’s a particularly important piece of the problem that, again, has been overlooked—
    supervision and review by the user/employer—which can and should mitigate fraudulent overtime claims.

    Nowhere in the document is the individual who receives in-home services granted the dignity of authorization regarding service provided: user/employers may, sometimes, choose how service is given but, in this legislation, user/employers do not verify hours served.

    One incident of PROVIDER ABUSE regarding this issue is known to have occurred and would never have been detected, save that the worker bragged in a bar about how sh/he had bilked her “employer” out of pay for time sh/he’d not served, and someone who overheard hris remarks had reported the worker. How often has this happened, and how else can this act of fraud be disabled save by including the user/employer in the authorization stream?

    This omission is disquieting, in light of the 18 years of input emphasizing this basic principle of Self-Determination and Independent Living that PAS-Port4Change has given DRW.

    Kate Sheffield
    303 So 5th Av, H61
    Sequim WA 98382
    360 683 1833

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