Disturbing video released of Judge Rotenberg Center “skin shock treatment”

Jurors at a trial in a lawsuit against the controversial Boston-area Judge Rotenberg Center were exposed to a disturbing video April 11 of a child being submitted to its controversial “skin shock treatment.”

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The video shows a child, a teenager with autism, being tied face down and shocked 31 times over seven hours.

The Judge Rotenberg Center is the only facility nationwide that uses “skin shock therapy,” a controversial method of behavior control for children and adults with developmental disabilities. As part of the therapy, residents at the facility are strapped with backpacks equipped with a GED, a remote control device that allows school authorities to regularly zap the students’ skin on their legs, arms or stomach to discourage bad behavior.

The center is currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The Massachusetts legislature has tried unsuccessfully multiple times to ban the therapy, which the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture has called torture.

The video is from 2002, when the boy, now 26, lived at the center full time. His mother filed a negligence lawsuit against the center and three of its psychologists, according to an article in the Patriot-Ledger, of Quincy, Mass.

The video, courtesy of myfoxboston.com can be seen here.

3 responses to “Disturbing video released of Judge Rotenberg Center “skin shock treatment”

  1. Too many times this is brushed under the rug so to speak. That said, while i am against electic shock treatments there are patients it does help but they need to be consenting adults and understand the full side effects, the pro’s and con’s. I know more and more “experts” are trying to reintroduce this treatment and we really need to be against this.

  2. Have there been any updates on the investigation? I just heard about this today on Al Jazeera. If investigation started in April, shouldn’t we have heard something by now? Why isn’t this a national issue??

  3. This is America, people. I can’t believe what I saw and heard on a national news tv show. Years of shock torture??? Good God, if this hell hole is open because parents want it open, shock them. Torture those parents who support the torture of their own child. And who administers that pain? Those individuals are akin to Hitler’s soldiers. Of all the bad in this country, JRC is the lowest, most inhumane, most dispicable, backwards entity I’ve ever heard of. Slaughterhouses are less cruel than JRC of Massachusetts. Anyone who has ever supported such horror will have to answer to their God one day, including Hitler reincarnated -Judge Rotenberg .

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