History – Wrong Version but needs to save for awhile

The timeline in this post may be difficult for some to navigate so we are providing a text only version of this disability rights timeline that includes description of the graphics included herein.  

This timeline is a work in progress.  It shows a brief overview of the disability rights movement in America during the past 60-70 years.  We would like your involvement in expanding it.  If you think a crucial event is missing, write about that event in the comment section and we will review your contribution for possible inclusion in the timeline.  Our goal is to develop material that can be used in school curricula for teaching disability awareness and history.

You can be a part of that!   If one of your classes is studying disability history, challenge your fellow students to see how many events your class can add to the timeline.  After adding a comment describing a historical event in the comment section below, send a separate email with your name and address to [email protected] and if your event is selected for inclusion in the timeline, we’ll send you a DisAbility Rights Galaxy magnet and bumper sticker.  If one class (40 students or less) is successful in have 5 or more of its submissions selected for inclusion in the timeline, we’ll send the entire Galaxy magnets and bumper stickers.  If you participating as a class in this activity, be sure to include that fact and your teacher’s name in the email described above to [email protected]


Will is the editor for the Galaxy Awareness and History pages as well as one of our pollsters. He is a sophomore at Seattle University majoring in philosophy. His home is La Crosse Wisconsin.

2 responses to “History – Wrong Version but needs to save for awhile

  1. My first two additions are obvious-passage of the ADA in 1990 and passage of the ADAAA in 2008. (Unless they’re already on the timeline and my computer is glitching?)

    In 1963, President Kennedy issued a call for deinstitutionalization of people with disabilities.

    The UN adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2006.

    1. I have just been working on this tonight and I accidentally posted it while I still have some work on it. It probably will be a couple of weeks before the YouTube is ready and I want to post everything at once so when it is ready to go I am going contact you so you can resend this and it appears as if from you. Then we will add. Thank you for responding so quickly.

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