Comedian answers questions about what it is like to use a wheelchair

Santina Muha performs for Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy, writes, acts, and improvises. She’s been using a wheelchair since she was a young child. Muha collaborated with BuzzFeed to raise awareness about what it is like to be a woman who uses a wheelchair. Fans of BuzzFeed were asked what they’d like to know from someone who uses a wheelchair. Muha agreed to answer several of the responses on film.

Muha begins the video by clarifying that she does not represent everyone who uses a wheelchair, stating that she speaks “only on behalf of me today.” The video addresses questions such as whether someone who does not have a disability can use the handicapped stall in the bathroom and how Muha responds when she is asked how she began using her wheelchair. Muha also addresses when it is (and is not) appropriate to describe someone who uses a wheelchair as inspirational, stating, “If they’re inspired just because I, like, got dressed and left the house and I’m not at home crying over my disability, then they can save it. But if you’re inspired because you’ve seen my work, or you’ve seen something I’ve done… Then yes, great, thank you! Happy to help.” Muha concludes the video by addressing young people who use wheelchairs, emphasizing that everyone should follow their dreams. She concedes that, “You may need to make adjustments to those dreams. But don’t assume you can’t do it. You just might have to do it a different way.”

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Emily Pate is a third-year student at Seattle University interested in Strategic Communications, learning Spanish, and working with non-profits. Her work for Rooted In Rights is focused on discussing current events in the community of people with disabilities. Her experience previous to Rooted In Rights includes writing broadcasts for KBOO radio in Portland, OR, and managing a neighborhood blog in the Seattle community. In addition to work, Emily enjoys drawing, spending time with her friends and family, and backpacking.