Claims process created for Wells Fargo settlement

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People with disabilities who were discriminated against by Wells Fargo can now file a claim for compensation.

On May 31, the U.S. Department of Justice and Wells Fargo announced a settlement requiring the bank to distribute up to $16 million to compensate people with disabilities. The Justice Department had accused Wells Fargo of discriminating against people who are deaf or hard of hearing by refusing to accommodate them in its telephone services.

According to the Justice Department, “Any person who experienced disability-based discrimination that happened before May 31, 2011 in violation of Title III of the ADA based on something Wells Fargo or Wachovia did or didn’t do may be eligible for compensation under this Settlement Agreement. All types of disability discrimination can be claimed; for example, physical inaccessibility at bank branches, policies that cause barriers to equal access by individuals with disabilities, and refusal to accept relay calls are just a few types of discrimination based on disability.”

To file for a claim, individuals can send their name, address, email address, and day and evening telephone numbers by email to [email protected] or by leaving a message at 1-866-708-1273 or 1-866-544-5309. All claims must be filed by January 29, 2012.

More information on the settlement can be accessed here.

5 responses to “Claims process created for Wells Fargo settlement

  1. ‘On More Than One ‘Occasion I Tried Calling The Local Branch To Check My Account Activity
    And Not Just Once But Several Times Was Told
    To Either Come Into The Branch To Discuss
    My Banking Issues .
    Later Found Out That I Was Not Receiving
    “Very Important Information” Account Activity
    That Had Allowed Some-One Else To
    Utilize My Account .(I Was
    Mailed Forms For Me To Do
    A Signature Of My Own Hand-Writeing.)
    I Went Into The Branch And “Tried “To Show
    Them What Had Been Going -On And Was Told
    That Every-Thing Was Fine.
    Also ,Liveing Off Of A fixed Income (Social Security)
    I Mentioned To Them That I Had Insurance If I Ever Became Disabled
    That I Could Receive Help With My Mortgage, I Was Once Again “Declined”,
    And Was Told To Call In Regaed’s For ‘Refinanceing.
    “Very Frustrated”.

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  3. I am a claimant and I will receive compensation but I belive that the $16 million is not enough to pay all the claimants that will be in the thousands. A single case of discrimination carries a minimum compensation of $100,000, now they pretend to divide 16 million among 50,000 mclaimants (or more) each claimant would receive the ridiculous amount of $320 in compensation and that’s not fair. Each claimant should receive at least 50,000 to be adequately compensated.

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