Christopher Reeve, Movie Star

Portrait of Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve

Christopher D’Olier Reeve was born in New York, 1952. When he was 4, his parents were journalist and they divorced. His mom moved away from New York and moved to Princeton, New Jersey. He got older and he became an actor in college.

His first movie he starred in was called Smallville. His most famous movie he played in was Superman 1, Superman 2, Superman 3, and Superman 4. He played in other movies like The Quest For Peace but this was his most famous movie. In his movie Superman, he was Superman and he was known as the “Man of Steel” which means that superman was strong like steel and could break through stuff. He was loved through out the world.

His mother said “ He took the Superman role as a career. He felt the risk that he would get the recognition.” He was on the newspaper as the main article. He was famous. He got married to Dana Reeve and had 3 kids named Matthew Reeve, Alexandra Reeve, and Gae Reeve. Their middle names were all the same, Exton. He wanted to be a star. Christopher Reeve achieved a lifetime award in Hamburg.

As he got older, he rode horses as his hobby. One day, he fell off his horse and the horse kicked him hard. He went to the hospital and he was paralyzed. Afterward he went around places on a wheel chair and he couldn’t play the movie Superman anymore. He died in October 10th, 2004. His kids are still alive but his wife, Dana, died on March 6th, 2006. Now other people are playing Superman, just not Christopher Reeve.