Casting Call: Census 2020 Videos

Census 2020 envelope

Video Concept

Format: A series of three videos where community members speak to camera to discuss the top reasons people with disabilities don’t complete the census and counter these arguments with their experience and knowledge.

Challenge #1:  “Does it really matter if I complete this?” 

Response:  If we understand the census is bigger than we are, completing it not only helps us obtain supports and services to get medical care, go to work, get an education, etc., but it also helps our communities obtain those things. Explain what the census is, why it matters and show footage of people completing census surveys in trusted communities/together with people they trust. 

Challenge #2: “Will the census be accessible for me?”  

Response: Some people with sensory disabilities need web-based information in accessible formats, such as screen reader friendly or in American Sign Language (ASL). Other people with learning or intellectual disabilities need information in plain language. Layout the different accessibility formats available.  

Challenge #3: “I don’t feel comfortable sharing personal information.”/ “I’m worried information will be used against me.” Participants were concerned that personal information provided to the census could interfere with Social Security, Medicare and other benefit procurement. This is of particular concern when people have waited years to get an eligibility determination to receive lifesaving supports or services. 

Response: Emphasize that this information will not be linked to them in any way. 


Filming: December 2019

Location: Seattle

Payment: $300 via check, W9 required

Respond to [email protected] the following information. 

Deadline: November 24, 11pm.  


Your Name



Your general availability in December (ie, weekdays after 2pm, only weekends, etc). 

Are you able to travel to our office at 4th and Jackson in Seattle? 

Best way to contact you/best times

Your disability

Your pronouns

Your race/ethnicity

A recent photo/headshot

Do you have any personal experience taking or not taking the census?

Of the concepts below, are there particular issues that you think you could speak about most compellingly? 

Anna Zivarts is the program director of Rooted in Rights and a low-vision mom who can't drive. She joined the Rooted in Rights team from Time of Day Media, a digital media cooperative she co-founded in 2010. At Time of Day, Anna produced digital video for the Innocence Project and Fight for 15, and lead searches for the ACLU in Kansas and Wisconsin to find citizens disenfranchised by voter ID laws. Twitter: @AnnaZivarts

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