Computer screen with the Zoom logo and a meeting log in page with "Join a Meeting" at the top. A magnifying glass centers on the Zoom logo.

More Than a Product Update: Closed Captions Require Care and Responsibility for True Accessibility

“What are those things in your ears?”   As a child, that question would resurface every year as new classmates arrived and a new school year began. I’d explain I was hard of hearing and “those things” were hearing aids.
An illustration of a laptop screen with two rows of three people in a video chat. They are all wearing various shades of pink, blue, and purple.

On Zoom, No One Can See My Disability. It’s Changed How People Perceive Me.

Zoom turned out to be an equalizer of sorts. Everyone is enclosed in the same, small, pixelated box which only fits their head and maybe some shoulder. On Zoom, no one sees me in full. No one looks down at…
Four people on a video call. An ASL interpreter signs in the lower right corner. Rooted in Rights logo and icons for Open Captions and Audio Description are on the left.

Accessible Video Calls

Accessible meetings are effective meetings. Whether you're catching up with a friend or discussing the latest project at work, accessibility ensures that everyone can fully engage and participate. Funded by the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Wastewater Treatment Division and the Coal Creek Sewer Upgrade Project.
A side by side image of Melissa's Facebook avatar and an actual photo of her, as described in the blog post.

Facebook Avatars Are Fun…But They’re Definitely Not Disability-Inclusive.

Like many people, I’ve been spending a lot of my quarantine time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. Amidst the cute cat photos, career updates from writer friends, and selfies of at-home haircuts, I noticed a new trend last week: People were…
A photo of a person's hands typing on a laptop, which is on a table. The laptop has several images popping out from it, including a graphic that says "we're hiring" and a form to upload a resume, indicating that the person using it is applying for a job.

Accessible Online Job Recruitment Must Be a Priority, Now and Always

It’s psychometric testing time. My excitement at making it through the first stage of the recruitment process for a grad position fades to apprehension at the thought of those multichoice problem-solving or personality quizzes. I’m hardly the only one to
Computer keyboard with a big green key that says "accessibility" and has a small access symbol. There's a spotlight shining on the accessibility key.

How to Make Your Virtual Meetings and Events Accessible to the Disability Community

As meetings and events continue to take place in virtual spaces as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, accessibility is too often an afterthought. Even event organizers and activists who normally work to make sure their in-person events are accessible…
Group of people around a computer at a desk, videoconferencing

Virtual Event Participation is Key for Accessibility

I can’t attend most events in person because of my disability, and I’m not alone. I’ve lost out on career opportunities including work meetings and conferences. I’ve lost out on opportunities for personal growth and connection. I’ve had to drop…
Light blue image with the illustration of a hand snapping in the center with the following text in white font above it: Transcripts in a snap


Hey fellow media makers! Transcripts make videos accessible for many people, and without them, lots of folks are unable to enjoy your content. Watch our quick tutorial on how to do a transcript so you can make media for everyone!
Debra, a white woman with short brown hair and glasses, signs to camera.

Transcripts with Debra

Why should you describe? As part of our #WhyDescribe campaign, Debra talks transcripts and why they’re so important – especially to those who are D/deafblind.…