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Inaccessible Phone Apps Can Put the Safety of Blind and Low-Vision Users in Jeopardy

Inaccessible apps can be a hassle for blind or low-vision people, especially if you use a screenreader like TalkBack for Android or VoiceOver for iPhone. As a blind person, inaccessible apps have prevented me from playing games on my phone
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Audio Description in a Couple Minutes

Have you heard of this hack to make your videos accessible for blind and low vision social media users? Watch this video to learn how to Audio Describe.…
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Captions in a Couple Minutes

Want to know our tricks and tips for making captions for your social videos? Watch this video! #AccessibilityIsCool…
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If You Don’t Make Your Content Accessible, You’re Leaving Me Out

Imagine being left out of millions of conversations all across the internet. This is what happens to blind and low vision people when content on social media isn’t described. Cindy shared her experience with inaccessible content with us, and her
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Why Describe? Audio Describing Your Video Content Makes a World of Difference.

Why Describe? Check out our video on audio description, and then read on below. Audio Description is an accessibility feature that’s not very well known, but very important to its users. Audio described movies and videos include spoken description…

National Federation of the Blind and Amazon reach agreement on accessible Kindles

The National Federation of the Blind and Amazon released a brief statement March 2, announcing a new initiative to “collaborate on improvements to Amazon’s education content, platforms, and application,” as well as meet on an “ongoing basis” to address the…
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Gogo to make its in-flight video services closed captioned

The National Association of the Deaf announced January 26 a first-of-its kind agreement with Gogo LLC, requiring the in-flight entertainment company to make its services accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. “This is a monumental step…
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Smartphone app identifies objects and colors for people with visual impairments

The technologically-advanced world that we live in seems to be constantly expanding – and three individuals based in northern California are working to directly contribute to that growth. Alberto Rizzolo, Marita Cheng, and Simon Edwardsson have created the smartphone application…
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DOJ again delays website accessibility regulations

The Department of Justice announced November 19 that it would put off proposing new website regulations for places of public accommodation until after the completion of President Obama’s presidency, much to the disappointment of disability advocates and business groups alike.…