Cubes with alphabet letters are scattered around a table. In the middle, cubes are arranged to spell "Me Too."

Call for Stories: #MeToo and the Disability Community

In partnership with the Disability Visibility Project®, Rooted in Rights will publish a series of stories to bring attention to the omission of disability from larger conversations taking place within the #MeToo Movement. All disabled people are welcome to…
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FDA proposes ban on skin-shock therapy

The Food and Drug Administration issued new regulations April 22 that would ban the use of “electrical stimulation devices” as a tool to prevent people with disabilities from engaging in self-injurious and aggressive behaviors. “Our primary concern is the safety…
California State Capitol Sacramento

Report uncovers abuse of inmates with disabilities in Sacramento Jail

The Sacramento County Jail is subjecting inmates with disabilities to prolonged isolation, preventing them from obtaining even the most minimum mental health care, according to a scathing new report [PDF] released October 15 from Disability Rights California and the Prison
young boy with handcuffs around biceps, arms held behind his back

DOJ weighs in on handcuffed elementary students case

The Department of Justice filed a Statement of Interest October 2 in a highly publicized case that brought renewed attention to the role of police officers when interacting with children with disabilities in schools. “The approximately 19,000 school resource officers…
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Report uncovers extensive abuse at Maryland elementary school

A Maryland elementary school allegedly subjected 10 students with autism in a segregated classroom to “abusive and neglectful treatment,” according to a scathing new report from the Maryland Disability Law Center. At Hickory Elementary School, located in Bel Air,…
child with down syndrome with downcast eyes

Website dedicated to ending abuse against people with disabilities

The Vera Institute of Justice has launched a new website exclusively dedicated to ending abuse against people with disabilities. Since 2005, The Vera Institute for Justice Center on Victimization and Safety has been working at the national, state, and local…
A young woman, who has experienced an acid attack and has had her face disfigured, she is looking into the camera

The organization Make Love Not Scars is sharing the stories of acid attack survivors

A quickly-growing organization is bringing awareness to the issue of acid attacks through enabling survivors of acid attacks to share their stories. Occurring in India in particular, acid attacks are a form of gender-based violence, made more common by the…
young boy with handcuffs around biceps, arms held behind his back

Lawsuit filed on behalf of handcuffed 8-year-old with ADHD

S.R. is an eight-year-old, 52 pound boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One day in Fall 2014, S.R. was removed from his classroom, allegedly for causing disruptive behavior. After S.R. allegedly failed to comply with directions from School Resource Officer Kevin Sumner, he was forced into a chair and handcuffed.
child wrapped in bandages tied into a metal structure, head bowed

Report uncovers black sites, caged children with disabilities in Mexico City

Disability Rights International released an extensive report [PDF] July 22, documenting a range of abuses of children and adults with disabilities in government-run facilities across Mexico City. In one harrowing example, featured in a video from ABC News, children are isolated in rooms lined with cages and cribs. As detailed in the report, many of these children have been confined there for years, as evident by extensive atrophy in their arms and legs and failing body organs.