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DOE to school districts: Address racial disparities in special education

The U.S. Department of Education proposed new regulations [PDF] February 23, detailing new steps that school districts must take to reduce racial disparities in the identification, placement and discipline of students in special education programs. “We have a moral and…
Muslim mother in wheelchair holds baby, while studying a book

Feds release new guidance on disability discrimination in child welfare proceedings

State and local child welfare agencies must improve their compliance efforts with federal disability discrimination laws, the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services warned in a new technical document released August 10. “This technical assistance reflects an important…
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Study: Minorities underrepresented in special education

For years, the special education has been criticized for its disproportionately large percentage of students of color. Some critics have gone so far as to call it “discriminatory” and a “new legalized form of structural segregation and racism.” However,…
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Journal article calls for a new Asian tribunal to enforce disability treaty

Famed New York Law Professor Michael Perlin recently published a new journal article outlining the contours of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as arguing for why the creation of a new legal…
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Portrait of the Whole Person: Paintings and Biographies

Bertschi School, in partnership with Disability Rights Washington, presents Portrait of the Whole Person: Paintings and Biographies, to celebrate disability history and culture. Through the art show, we hope to heighten awareness of the disability rights movement and culture within the broader community.