A wide rounded screen of blurred faces, all on webcam, under a row of spotlights.

Virtual Events During Lockdown are Proof that Greater Accessibility is Possible

Before booking a ticket to any event, I have to figure out whether my disability will be accommodated. Although there are one billion disabled people globally, access is always stuck at the back of the priority queue for organisers
A vertical painting reminiscent of the transgender pride flag

Finding Disabled Transgender Pride

Being transgender and disabled are interlinked for me. In both of these identities that I hold, my body does not function or present the way I want it to, or in a way that society would perceive as “normal.” Both…
A white person's hand holding up a sign that says "No to white supremacy."

Stop Blaming Autism for Capitalist and White Supremacist Violence

Content note: quotation of ableist slurs, discussion of white supremacy, mass violence, Holocaust, and eugenics In an interview with Talking Points Memo Albert Watkins, the lawyer for self-described “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, who participated in the January 6th Capitol riots,…
A Black person's hands kneading dough on a floured surface.

Putting Respect on the Menu: On Being a Deaf Chef

Everyone has a gift or a purpose that puts a sparkle in their eyes, quickens their heartbeat a little, and wakes them up more excited to start the morning. We go about our daily activities with varied levels of anticipation…
A word cloud of long COVID symptoms in the shape of a face mask.

Is Long COVID Leading to a Tipping Point in Attitudes Toward Chronic Illness?

Could long COVID spell the end of medical gaslighting? Let’s hope so. When Kathy Flaherty, a 53-year-old attorney and nonprofit executive director, got COVID-19 in March 2020, her friends said, “see you in two weeks.” Two weeks came and went,…
Photo of Tiffany, an Asian woman with dark hair below her shoulders, leaning against a tree. She is wearing a hat and a red top. Her arms are crossed, and she is wearing a splint.

The Cultural Dynamics of Being Asian and Disabled

This year will mark 24 years of my life since becoming disabled. Through my work, my disability origin story is quite public. At the age of 9, I became disabled as a result of a car accident that also took
A montage of people of different races against a rainbow of colorful squares, all wearing face masks.

We Can’t Let Our Guard (Or Our Masks) Down

Recently, I overheard my father telling my husband about how he had quit his gym membership because they were requiring people to wear a mask during workouts. His list of reasons as to why this was uncomfortable for him was…
An abstract pattern in hues of green with a silhouette of a person resting their hand pensively on their chin.

Who Gets Left Behind When We Practice “Evidence-Based” Mental Health Care?

As a counselor just beginning my career, I remember entering the session on evidence-based care for school-age students with an open mind. Of course, I wanted every intervention I used in my counseling office to be based on evidence –…
A pill bottle with brown pills spilled out next to it. To the right of this is a pile of medicinal herbs.

Finding the ME in (ME)dicine

Content note: addresses mental health and mentions suicide Finding the ME in (ME)dicine. Means finding out where I got lost. Pinpointing where I was misguided to believe that my self worth and need for self care was less than that…