Two packs of birth control pills and a syringe with a medicine bottle

Brexit is Already Blocking Access to Birth Control

Birth control is a vital medication for those with reproductive health issues, but for those in the United Kingdom (UK), Brexit may be putting their access to this and other medications manufactured outside the UK at risk. There are different…
A big blue sign that says "Iowa Democratic Party"

We Need to Fix Inaccessibility at Caucusing and Campaign Events

One of the things I miss most about living permanently in Iowa is the constant flurry of activity around the political process. Iowa is the first state to nominate a candidate during primary elections, regardless of party, meaning presidential candidates…
Group of people around a computer at a desk, videoconferencing

Virtual Event Participation is Key for Accessibility

I can’t attend most events in person because of my disability, and I’m not alone. I’ve lost out on career opportunities including work meetings and conferences. I’ve lost out on opportunities for personal growth and connection. I’ve had to drop…
Photo of an accessible parking space

Stop Assuming I’m Not Disabled Just Because I Don’t “Look Disabled”

I park my car in a parking space reserved for those with disabilities. My door is barely open before I’m confronted by a woman who demands to see my handicap parking placard. Her mother is disabled, and she needs the…


Do you have questions about why the Census matters? Privacy concerns? Or questions about how the 2020 Census will be accessible for people with disabilities? Watch our videos in English, Spanish, or ASL and sign our pledge to complete the 2020 Census yourself.
Rachel watches a DO-IT Scholar edit a video on an iPad.

Rooted in Rights Team Highlights from 2019

We’re brimming with stories to share! Help Rooted in Rights make real change by centering the voices and experiences of people with disabilities.
A Look Back at the Words and Wisdom of the Rooted in Rights Blog in 2019. (background is a faded image of multicolored English letters in random patterns)

A Look Back at the Words and Wisdom of the Rooted in Rights Blog in 2019

At the end of 2016, I was entrusted with the privilege of being Editor in Chief of the Rooted in Rights Blog. It’s truly amazing that as the New Year is upon us, the blog is still going strong.…
A photo of Liam sitting in his wheelchair on a bus, holding his daughter in his lap.

Cripping the Folks: A Disabled Father’s Reflections and Advice

Disability fell on me like a piano from a great height. I was first diagnosed with a rare, genetic, progressive neuromuscular disorder at 16. I had no friends or family who had a disability—or at least no one who identified…
Letter tiles spelling out "words have power."

Finding Peace On The Disability Terminology Battlefield

I was a junior in college, newly transferred from a small campus where I was the only wheelchair user to a bigger university known for its disabled community. “I don’t want to sit at the cripple table,” I said to…