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The Costs of Burdening People with Medical Bills for Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization

Years ago, when I was a third-year law student just a few credits away from graduating, I experienced a serious mental health crisis. My psychiatrist at the time involuntarily committed me to a private psychiatric facility in Oakland, California. Because…
Several ampoules with the COVID-19 vaccine.

As COVID-19 Vaccinations Continue, Disabled People are Once Again at the Back of the Line

My husband Leor and I have been in lockdown for a year now. Neither of us can risk getting COVID-19. I’m at high risk for being infected. I also could have serious complications or death from it due to underlying…
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Ban Solitary

In our state’s prisons, people are being locked away in harsh conditions and deprived of human contact for months, sometimes years, in conditions the global community has deemed torture. SB 5413 aims to align Washington State with international standards and ban solitary confinement past 15 days.
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Public Figures Need to Do More Than Just Perform Inclusion

The idea of inclusion is sometimes used in a negative way by people who seek to demonstrate that they’re inclusive in front of others without actually practicing it. This is often done by people who are in situations of power.…
Decorative text in blue, red, and yellow reads "disability rights are human rights."

As a Uruguayan, the Americans with Disabilities Act Makes Me Believe Change is Possible

Thirty years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is worth thinking about not only how it affects the United States, but also those who look at it from afar. When I wanted to enroll in…
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Disabled, Not Disposable: Ariel

“I've seen a lot that concerns me, both the message that we should just, you know, take one for the team basically, that's kind of horrifying." - Ariel Henley on how disabled people are feeling about Coronavirus.
A screenshot of Tinu speaking to camera.

Disabled, Not Disposable: Tinu

Listen to disability activist Tinu Abayomi-Paul on what happens when we start valuing people based on whether they’re “productive members of society.”