Photo of Stan Lee in a black suit and sunglasses, pointing his finger forward.

With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility – How the Death of Stan Lee Affects the Disability Community

On November 12, 2018, our cultural light was dimmed with the loss of Stan Lee. Often described in the same manner as the characters he created, the loss of the mighty, spectacular, and at times uncanny Stanley Martin Lieber will…
A pile of newspapers spread out over one another. The text is blurred and unreadable.

If You’re Writing About Disability, You Need to Read These Guidelines

Sometimes I imagine what the media’s typical coverage of disability might say if it was written about me—covering the two proms I went to with my girlfriend in high school, celebrating my ability to graduate from college after almost failing
People in a movie theater, sitting in seats. The photo is from behind so you can only see the backs of heads.

How the Film “Wonder” is Commercializing Facial Difference

As a writer and activist, there’s no feeling quite like finding out a professor at a well known university used my work in their class to start a discussion about disfigurement and equality for individuals living with physical differences. I
Meryl Streep signing autographs in a crowd

Dear Meryl Streep: We Don’t Want Pity, We Want Progress

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, but saw Meryl Streep’s speech the next day. As she blatantly called out the president-elect on his bullying of Serge Kovaleski, a disabled reporter, I wondered why that specific incident “sank its hooks in…
Street sign "Peanut Free Zone"

DOJ warns children’s theater over food allergy discrimination

The Department of Justice has determined that a children’s theater company in Massachusetts violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by excluding a child with a peanut allergy from its program. The 10-year-old boy in the case has life-threatening allergies to…
remote control and television

FCC moves to expand video description requirements

The Federal Communications Commission adopted a Notice of Proposed Rule Making [PDF] on March 31, regarding an expansion of existing video description requirements that make television programming accessible to people with visual disabilities. “Video description enables those who are blind…
AMC Theater banner on a building front

AMC Theaters sued by advocates for the blind

The nation’s largest movie chain was hit by a class-action complaint in federal court last month, accusing it of failing to make its services accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. “Properly functioning audio description technology provides an…
University of Southern Caliornia Shield

Fired USC football coach files disability discrimination lawsuit

Former USC Football Coach Steve Sarkisian, recently fired due to his alcoholism, filed a discrimination lawsuit against his former employer December 7, arguing that the school was required to reasonably accommodate him for his disability. “Alcoholism is a recognized disability…
Set of old cameras with lens stood up behind them

Kylie Jenner wheelchair photoshoot sparks backlash

Kylie Jenner’s recent photoshoot with Interview Magazine, published on the magazine’s website November 30, is not sitting well with disability advocates. The reality star graces the front cover of the magazine’s latest issue, sitting in a golden wheelchair,…