People Who Use Inhalers Aren’t Responsible for the Climate Crisis. Corporations and Governments Are.

Amidst global environmental tragedy, disabled people are the first to be impacted and the last to be considered. Meanwhile, abled environmentalists scapegoat disabled people as the cause of these tragedies. I am an environmentalist and was an aspiring wildlife educator.…
A stethoscope with text that reads 2020 in the middle, surrounded by vital sign lines

5 Things Disabled People are Looking for in Healthcare Plans as the 2020 Elections Approach

A friend asks: “Do you support Medicare For All? Why not? Don’t you believe everyone has a right to health care?” Your coworker says: “I think everyone should have healthcare, but how do we pay for it? And even if…
An x-ray of human teeth

Luxury Bones

The lies they sell us are expensive, and so is health, and the chance to seek education, and to sleep inside and drink water that is clean. To have children, or decide not to have a child, or to survive…
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Why Aren’t More People Talking About Their Experiences with Vaginismus?

Content note: sex and sexual dysfunction, genitals, mention of gender and sexuality bias, medical settings and treatment, brief mention of past trauma I’m sitting upright on an examination table, my sore hip bones close as possible to the edge and…
Photo of a person in a doctors office with legs spread and gynecologist preparing to perform a pap smear.

Finding Sexual Health Care Shouldn’t Be So Difficult for Disabled People

The lives of people with disabilities are often medicalized, but our sexual health is mostly ignored. Doctors tend to be a big part of our lives, but they don’t ask about our sex life.  You would think something like getting
Photo of marijuana spilling out of a medicine container

Lack of Insurance Coverage for Medical Marijuana Can Leave Some Users Behind

As a disabled New Yorker that relies on medical marijuana for pain control, I was so happy to hear that Gov. Cuomo recently signed a bill that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana. It would also crucially allow some…
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My Family’s Normalization of Pain Made Me Believe I Wasn’t Strong

My three little toes on the outer sides of my feet curl inward so that when I walk I sometimes step on them. They look like calloused half moons. The skin is red and blistered. My body has adapted to…
Photo of author, Noor Pervez

Disabled People Deserve Better Access to Care for Eating Disorder Recovery

The first time in what was already a decade-long experience of anorexia that someone was willing to admit I had other disabilities, I was twenty years old. I was told I would be best served in an institution due to
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Showing Up in Public in a Disabled Trans Body

The first time I limped out of the men’s locker room and into the YMCA indoor swimming pool area without a rash guard covering my surgery-scarred chest, I felt queasy. I was certain it would turn into an 80’s high…