A plate of tater tots with a dollop of ketchup.

As a Chronically Ill Mom, Even Tater Tots Are a Way to Show My Kids Love

My Nonnie was a gruff and funny woman who, even at Thanksgiving, put a huge slab of lasagna on our plates as an appetizer. Even with a turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, breaded cauliflower, oil and vinegar salad, pumpkin pie,…
Photo of Maggie Winston, a white woman with light pink hair and glasses, in between her two sons, both teenage.

I’m a Mom with a Disability. Here’s How I “Run the Show” in My Family.

I have several roles and identities that add a lot of meaning in my life. First and foremost, I LOVE being a woman. I like pink and sparkles and unicorns. I was raised by some incredibly fierce women: my mother,
An adult hand holds a child's hand against a blurred background. Photo is black and white.

Disabled People Have the Right to Raise Children

I didn’t see many families like mine growing up. All my childhood friends’ parents had cars and could drive. My mom was visually impaired and had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She was the first person to teach me that I shouldn’t be
Illustrated person holds hand out in front of face. The graphic is blue tinted.

My Mother Thought I’d Be Better Off Dead Because I’m Disabled

Trigger warning: this post discusses, in graphic detail, abuse and violence against a disabled family member. I wait patiently to hear the truck crunch through the gravel-filled alleyway. I have 30 minutes – probably less. I scour the fridge for…
A double helix and lab testing tubes, shown in a rainbow gradient.

Why Finding Cures for Genetic Disabilities Shouldn’t Be Our Main Goal

Iceland was recently the subject of controversial headlines proclaiming that the country is “eliminating” Down syndrome through prenatal screening and subsequent termination of pregnancies. While these news stories were later found to be sensationalist, we need to discuss the

Engaging in Politics as a Disabled Person: an Interview with Carrie Ann Lucas

Across the country, people are energized and politically engaged in response to the current political climate. Before you know it, midterm elections will take place next year across the United States. During these elections, it’s important to remember that local
Young female-presenting, Asian-presenting child working on a drawing, with a female-presenting mother-figure sitting behind her, mostly not visible, guiding her hand.

Homeschooling Should Be an Option for Disabled Students, But Not the Only Option

When I was in middle school, I begged my mother to homeschool me. I was struggling with the curriculum — I needed to be more challenged and more accommodated at the same time — and I was being bullied by…
A series of three pictures, each with Alaina and her mother. In the first picture, they are playfully sticking their tongues out at the camera, and in the second two, they are smiling.

How Having a Disabled Mom Helped Shape My Identity as a Disabled Woman

I grew up with a disabled mom. It meant that we didn’t have a car, because my mom was visually impaired and couldn’t drive. We walked to the grocery store weekly, took the bus to doctor’s appointments and the mall,…
statue of lady justice, blindfolded, against a blue sky

Mother convicted of killing daughter released on bond after 72 days

An Illinois appeals court, in an unusual move, allowed a mother recently convicted of killing her adopted daughter with cerebral palsy to leave jail on bond after 72 days, while it reviews her four-year sentence. On May 27, 2015, Bonnie…