Photo of Nina G, a white woman with straight shoulder length brown hair, wearing a red dress and speaking into a microphone.

Overcoming the Concept of Overcoming As a Person Who Stutters

It was about two years into my comedy career when I walked into the new swanky comedy club that recently opened near me. It was plush and clean. The green room had not yet been christened by decades of comedians…
A Black woman with forearm crutches smiles widely on a film set.

Vote for Access

If people with disabilities voted at the same rate as non-disabled voters, 2 million more votes would be cast. What is getting in the way of disabled voters exercising their rights?
Uruguayan flag with a ballot box in front of it and a hand dropping in the ballot.

As a Visually Impaired Uruguayan Citizen, I Should Be Able to Vote Independently

I live in Uruguay, where municipal governors will be elected in May, because I am blind, I will not be able to vote for myself. This means that I will have to enter the voting room with an outside person…