Outdoors, blue sky day. A person dressed in gray denim jeans stands in front of the U.S. Capitol building, holding up a sign that covers their face. It reads: "Disability matters."

Raising the Bar: Engaging Disabled People in Politics

Stacey Abrams did not become governor of Georgia. Our incredible team worked tirelessly for a year to reach Georgians in every corner of our state, building a powerful coalition of voters. We ultimately came up short, but our team made

Rooted in Rights 2023 and Beyond

Hello Rooted in Rights followers, contributors, and supporters! This is Allexa, the Director of Rooted in Rights (RiR), reaching out to you all to let you know of some changes to expect from RiR and some exciting things happening now!…
Photo of Nina G, a white woman with straight shoulder length brown hair, wearing a red dress and speaking into a microphone.

Overcoming the Concept of Overcoming As a Person Who Stutters

It was about two years into my comedy career when I walked into the new swanky comedy club that recently opened near me. It was plush and clean. The green room had not yet been christened by decades of comedians…
A Black woman with forearm crutches smiles widely on a film set.

Vote for Access

If people with disabilities voted at the same rate as non-disabled voters, 2 million more votes would be cast. What is getting in the way of disabled voters exercising their rights?
Uruguayan flag with a ballot box in front of it and a hand dropping in the ballot.

As a Visually Impaired Uruguayan Citizen, I Should Be Able to Vote Independently

I live in Uruguay, where municipal governors will be elected in May, because I am blind, I will not be able to vote for myself. This means that I will have to enter the voting room with an outside person…