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Shopping for the Best Presidential Candidate? Here’s a List to Help.

It can be hard for any voter to figure out which presidential candidate to support. For disabled voters, it can be bewildering and downright painful. You find a good candidate — someone you’re really excited to vote for, who promotes…
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Here’s Some Free Advice for Presidential Candidates on How to Talk About Disability

The 2020 Elections are still 17 months away and there are currently 26 people are running for President. We’re just about to see the first two Democratic Debates, set for June 26 and 27. With that in mind, I’d…
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Midterm Elections are Over, But Our Work for Disability Representation in Government Isn’t Done

Minority groups have always been under- or un-represented in office - a fact that has left far too many voices out of the process of creating the laws we all must live by.
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Why Do I #CripTheVote? Because the Disability Vote is Power.

This post is part of a partnership between #CripTheVote and Rooted in Rights.  As a child, I didn’t think being disabled had anything to do with voting, or vice versa. I saw that my parents always voted, but I didn’t
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One Way to Make Voting More Accessible to the Disability Community? Vote-by-Mail.

This post is part of a partnership between #CripTheVote and Rooted in Rights.  If I start with the beginning of my voting story in the early ‘90s, it is one of compassion and support, when two nice volunteers from either…
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Call for Blog Posts and Videos on the Disability Vote

With November 6th midterm elections rapidly approaching, it’s time again for disabled Americans to prepare to go to the polls. To shine a spotlight on this crucial political moment, #CripTheVote and Rooted in Rights are partnering to call for stories
ballot box next to the Georgia state flag in the state's shape. Quote reads, "The right and ability to vote is something that is very dear to me and I don’t take it lightly."

Voting Isn’t Always Accessible For Blind People, But I Refuse to Not Vote

As an African-American who grew up with parents who lived under segregation I have known and understood the importance and power of the right to vote. Many times my dad, who was born in Birmingham, Alabama, would constantly tell me…
A pile of red, white, and blue buttons that say 'Your vote counts."

We Want YOU to Support the Disability Vote (A Voting Accessibility Guide)

The 2018 midterms are upon us, and 35 million disabled people in the U.S. are theoretically eligible to vote. But how many will cast ballots? Our voter turnout consistently lags far behind nondisabled people, especially in the case of…

Engaging in Politics as a Disabled Person: an Interview with Carrie Ann Lucas

Across the country, people are energized and politically engaged in response to the current political climate. Before you know it, midterm elections will take place next year across the United States. During these elections, it’s important to remember that local