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Tallon explains what happens when jails respond to mental health symptoms with discipline rather than treatment

A man finds himself incarcerated and sentenced to spend 207 days in jail. Denied treatment for his diagnosed mental illness, his symptoms worsen and his frustration grows. The jail responds to his resulting behavior with disciplinary action. The man yells.…
Barbed wire in front of the outside wall of a prison with dark windows

Settlement to force overhaul of Illinois solitary confinement practices

The Illinois Department of Corrections has reached a comprehensive settlement with a coalition of disability rights groups, agreeing to improve mental health services in state prison and reduce the use of solitary confinement. “Just because a person with mental illness…
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The benefits of non-traditional service animals are being discovered as demand grows

Therapy animals are holding an ever-more prominent place in our society. Used by people with physical or psychiatric disabilities, service and companion animals can often provide emotional support or perform a specific service or services, such as assisting people with
Prison building with high razor wire fence

New York State to overhaul solitary confinement practices

New York State will significantly curtail the use of solitary confinement for people in its state prison system, under a legal settlement [PDF] announced December 16. The practice has been described as “torture” by many human rights activists, and is …
hallway of jail doors with small windows

Lawsuit hammers solitary confinement practices at Santa Clara Jail

Brian Chavez’s jail cell measures six feet by seven feet. There is no room for even a writing table or a stool, just Chavez, a bed, and a solid metal door with a small rectangular window facing out toward a…
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US Supreme Court blocks execution of man with IQ of 67

The Supreme Court placed a temporary hold November 3 on the execution of a man with severe intellectual disabilities, hours before the state of Missouri was set to execute him via lethal injunction. In 1995, a jury convicted Ernest Lee…
California State Capitol Sacramento

Report uncovers abuse of inmates with disabilities in Sacramento Jail

The Sacramento County Jail is subjecting inmates with disabilities to prolonged isolation, preventing them from obtaining even the most minimum mental health care, according to a scathing new report [PDF] released October 15 from Disability Rights California and the Prison
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New documentary addresses issue of police violence towards people with disabilities

Police brutality has been a topic of discussion and concern for decades – but the last several years in particular have highlighted the issue of police disproportionately targeting marginalized people with extreme violence. In the newly released documentary Where Is…