Used Tear Gas Cannister

ACLU sues prison over tear gas incident at jail

For 20 to 30 minutes, the estimated 150 inmates in the Olympus wing of the Utah State Prison thought they were going to die. On August 3, 2011, at approximately 4 p.m., prison guards deployed tear gas against a single,…
Lone person in prison setting

DOJ release scathing report of Pennsylvania prisons

The U.S. Department of Justice released the results of an extensive investigation into the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Cresson on May 31, finding that the prison “routinely resorts to locking prisoners with serious mental illness in their cells for…
Two hands on jail cell bars

NYC takes first step to reducing solitary confinement

The New York City Correction Department will, beginning in July, stop its practice of punishing prisoners with mental illnesses for prison violations by locking them in solitary confinement. Rather than locking these prisoners in extreme isolation for 23 hours a…
Hands on cell pars

Lawsuit challenges “horrific conditions” at Pennsylvania prisons

For more than 23 hours per day, more than 800 people with mental illnesses are caged in the Pennsylvania Department of Correction’s Restricted Housing Units. The windowless rooms where they live average about 80 square feet, lack heating and cooling…
This is a graphic depicting the state flag inserted into the shape of Colorado.

Colorado agrees to accelerate inmate mental health evaluations

The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People and the Colorado Department of Human Services announced a legal settlement April 9 requiring the state to improve its procedures to ensure people with disabilities received court-ordered competency evaluations in…
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Study: No correlation between psychiatric beds and homicide rates

Pushing back against calls to make it easier to institutionalize people with mental illnesses amid the Sandy Hook massacre, the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law released a new report January 15, finding no correlation between firearm-related homicide rates…

Inmate dies after Taser shock

According to a story in the Spokesman-Review by Kevin Culp, a Spokane man who was convicted on one count of vehicular manslaughter in the July 2005 deaths of three family members died on Christmas Day 2012 after being shocked by