A single glass of whiskey sitting on a wood table.

Why We Need More Research on How Substance Abuse Impacts the Autistic Community

I will always remember the first few times I tried an alcoholic beverage. I was around the age of eighteen, and at first found the feeling very uncomfortable. Even a slight buzz—just a partial alcoholic beverage—changes my perception and how
A white outline of a human brain set against a backdrop of splattered colors in purple, green, orange, yellow, and blue.

Why Healthcare Providers Need to Recognize and Respect Neurodiversity

Growing up as an undiagnosed autistic girl, I had many “behaviors” that baffled my parents and medical professionals. Seemingly unprovoked meltdowns, ritualistic, repetitive movements, and episodes of compulsive self-injury were explained away as a part of puberty, or diagnosed as…
A pair of hands holding a cardboard cutout of a house

Autism and Homelessness: The Real Crisis

Contrary to much media spin, autism is neither a tragedy nor a looming public health crisis. Autistics have always been here and research over the last decade has shown that while diagnosis has increased over time, the actual percentage prevalence…