A photo of a stethoscope laying on top of a surface covered in U.S. hundred dollar bills

#IAmAPreExisitingCondition and I Am Afraid I Will Die Under AHCA

If the American Health Care Act (AHCA) becomes law, it is my death sentence. There are probably supporters of the law out there who think that this statement lacks nuance, but it’s true. As a woman with multiple serious pre-existing…
A series of three pictures, each with Alaina and her mother. In the first picture, they are playfully sticking their tongues out at the camera, and in the second two, they are smiling.

How Having a Disabled Mom Helped Shape My Identity as a Disabled Woman

I grew up with a disabled mom. It meant that we didn’t have a car, because my mom was visually impaired and couldn’t drive. We walked to the grocery store weekly, took the bus to doctor’s appointments and the mall,…

VIDEO: The Fight to #SaveMedicaid

The battle over Medicaid unleashed an outcry within the disabled community to protect the healthcare program so many of us need to survive and live independently in our communities.  Disabled people used the power of social media, protests, writing, and…
A group of people with both visible and hidden disabilities is gathered in the Light Court at City Hall. They are holding posters of people with disabilities who have been killed by the police. An ACLU Disability Rights attorney in glasses, Claudia Center, is speaking and gesturing with her hands. A sign language interpreter is to the left, and ACLU Disability Rights attorney, Susan Mizner is to the right, squatting on the floor and holding a sign of an African-American man with a disability killed by police. Other protestors are listening, standing, sitting in chairs and in wheelchairs.

Five Questions for ACLU Attorney Susan Mizner

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A group of people with both visible and hidden disabilities is gathered in the Light Court at City Hall.  They are holding posters of people with disabilities who have been killed by the police.  An ACLU Disability Rights
A guide dog is shown next to the lower half of a person holding a white cane.

Knowledge is Power When Advocating for Disability Rights

Traveling is a stressful process for anyone; but after navigating the city of Las Vegas upon flying in, I hoped to have a little time to unwind. I was relaxing to the sound of my guide dog, Jason, lapping up…
A United airplane hovering over a runway during the daytime.

Dear United, What If David Dao Had Been Disabled?

Dear United, Earlier this month, David Dao was dragged off a flight from Chicago to Louisville. He suffered a concussion, a broken nose, sinus damage, and several lost teeth. While I’m empathetic toward Dao and his family, this is not
Close-up photo of a small section of a compute keyboard. There is a bright red button that reads "Time for Action." A person's finger hovers over this key, as if about to press it.

Valuing Activism of All Kinds

Recently, disabled activists from ADAPT protested in Washington, DC as the House debated the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Fifty-four badass disabled people put their bodies on the line, chanting and drawing media attention on what is at stake if
Hands of many different skin tones holding up the world.

Why Disability Advocacy on a Local Level Matters

With so many national political events rapidly unfolding, it can feel like what you’re doing on a local level in your community “doesn’t matter.” I’m here to tell you otherwise. It actually matters a LOT, especially for the disability community.

VIDEO: Tom Olin: Activist Photographer of the Disability Rights Movement

Many of the most significant moments in disability rights history were captured by one man, his camera and some black-and-white film. Rooted in Rights caught up with photographer, documentarian and activist Tom Olin during national launch of REVUP in Houston.…