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Reflecting on ADA 30 While Reckoning with COVID-19 and Racism

Content note: includes mentions of COVID-19 and police brutality toward Black people 2020 brought us the COVID-19 pandemic and shed a stark light on the pandemic of racism. The impact of both these pandemics continues to grow and serve as…

Black Lives Matter

This page was created to serve as a central place for people looking to support the movement to end violence and systemic racism towards Black people. Whether it’s donating to organizations that contribute to Black liberation, learning new strategies to become a better ally, or purchasing goods from a Black-owned business, there are many ways to make a difference.

Congress: Ensure Disabled People Don’t Lose Access to Our Communities

We must ensure that transit and paratransit services receive the support they need, so that for those of us who cannot drive or cannot afford to drive can still access school, jobs, doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and everything else we need to get to in order to participate fully in our communities.
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The Fight for Disability Rights Led by Women and Girls in Haiti

Author Disclaimer: I do not identify as a disabled person. I chose the Q&A format to let Soinette Désir speak. In 2003, Soinette Désir, along with other women, founded the nonprofit organization Union for Women with Reduced Mobility in Haiti…
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Sharing Disability Experiences Online Can Be Risky. It’s Time for That to End.

Content notes: bullying, harassment, threats of violence and harm For disabled people, sharing our experiences online can be a daunting prospect, but a vital one to make our experiences known. Many of us use social media to call out daily…
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In Defense of “Slacktivism”

One of the most interesting yet infuriating tendencies that the internet has allowed to flourish is the policing of certain kinds of engagement and activism. Far too many people think of progressive activism as something that revolves around being out…
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Disabled, Not Disposable: Ariel

“I've seen a lot that concerns me, both the message that we should just, you know, take one for the team basically, that's kind of horrifying." - Ariel Henley on how disabled people are feeling about Coronavirus.
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Disabled, Not Disposable: Tinu

Listen to disability activist Tinu Abayomi-Paul on what happens when we start valuing people based on whether they’re “productive members of society.”
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Is the Disability Community Really In It Together?

Who gets to decide when a person is disabled? Shouldn’t a doctor’s assessment be enough to convince the rest of the population? That doesn’t seem to be the case according to the comments on an article I wrote for Rooted…