CA Lawyer makes compelling case for supporting the fight for accessibility

In a newly released video, Guy Wallace, lawyer and person with a spinal cord injury, makes a compelling case for the importance of continuing the fight for accessibility in California.

Chair of Disability Rights California’s new fundraising committee, Wallace has spent a lifetime experiencing architectural barriers, and using the Americans with Disabilities Act to overcome them for himself and for others. As he succinctly puts it, “The difference between accessibility and inaccessibility is the difference between participation and exclusion.”

Apart from educating the public about the importance of the ADA, the landmark civil rights legislation whose 25th anniversary was just celebrated across the nation, the video’s other mission is to encourage donations to DRC. DRC is one of a network of protection and advocacy organizations across the United States working on making¬†“equality, independence, and full social inclusion a reality for persons with disabilities.”

Disability Rights California and Disability Rights Washington, publisher of Rooted in Rights, are the designated protection and advocacy systems for California and Washington respectively, and are members of the National Disability Rights Network.