Torso of person in white lab coat with stethoscope around neck. The person is holding a clipboard and writing on it. The background is blurred.

CVS’s New Opioid Policy Does Nothing to Solve Addiction While Negatively Impacting Pain Patients

On September 21st, CVS Pharmacy announced a significant change in their policy regarding prescription opioid painkillers. According to CVS, “this program will include limiting to seven days the supply of opioids dispensed for certain acute prescriptions for patients who
A photo of a stethoscope laying on top of a surface covered in U.S. hundred dollar bills

#IAmAPreExisitingCondition and I Am Afraid I Will Die Under AHCA

If the American Health Care Act (AHCA) becomes law, it is my death sentence. There are probably supporters of the law out there who think that this statement lacks nuance, but it’s true. As a woman with multiple serious pre-existing…
A doctor and patient (both female) talking and looking together at a tablet

Listen Up, Doctors: When Patients Talk, Pay Attention

It was midnight on a Monday, and the lesion on my leg was swollen to the size of a dinner plate, hot, and extremely painful. Although I had an excision for a sebaceous cyst scheduled for Thursday with the dermatologist,…