A blurred photo of an institution corridor.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Makes it Clear: It’s Time to Permanently Close Institutions

The following post is part of our series on perspectives from disabled and chronically ill people regarding COVID-19. Content note: institutionalization I was born into what is called the “ADA Generation.” For my entire life, the Americans with Disabilities Act…
Brown and black dog in an orange vest that says "service dog."

I’m Tired of Being Accused of “Faking” My Need for a Service Animal

This blog post was re-published on HuffPost. Recently, while on a date, the subject of service animals came up. My date spoke of a female coworker of theirs who would occasionally bring a service dog to work. They expressed…
Vital signs in the shape of a heart

The Public Health Statistic that Fails Disabled People

I first encountered the term “Disability-Adjusted Life Years,” or DALYs, during my second year of studying public health in college, and as a disabled person, the concept is concerning to me. DALYs are a measure used to calculate