Judge in position to bang a gavel, with a piece of paper and a stethoscope in front of him.

The AHCA Would Put the Lives of Millions Like Me At Stake

I am one of the millions of people across the country who have benefited from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). I have significant medical costs as a result of living with a rare genetic neurometabolic disorder, a
Side of a wheelchair, mainly the wheel, giving off a shadow of the wheelchair on the ground.

Why Archer’s Challenge Misrepresents the Experience of Wheelchair Users

“As you saw, it’s a lot of coordination involved between moving the chair, pointing to maps and of course using the weather clicker,” Chikage Windler, chief meteorologist at CBS Austin, explains about her experience of using a wheelchair on the
snow covered curb with a red circle and text pointing to an area where there may be a ramp but it is impossible to tell because of the snow

Calling All Towns: Shovel Your Crappy Snow-Covered Curbs

I am lucky to have lived in Colorado my entire life, enjoying the 300 days of sunshine, outdoor adventures, laid-back vibe, and genuinely kind community members. But Colorado winters can be brutal, especially for people with mobility disabilities. When homeowners…