Graduation cap resting on stacks of coins

I Shouldn’t Have to Share My Mental Health Trauma to Get Scholarships for Graduate School

As a disabled person who is set to begin graduate school this fall, I feel a sense of urgency to earn as much scholarship money as possible to keep educational debt in check. With this goal in mind, I have…
Mobile app icons of assorted telehealth providers from the App Store are seen on a smartphone.

As a Disabled Person, Expanded Access to Telehealth is One Result of the Pandemic That I Hope Will Continue

The following post is part of our series on perspectives from disabled and chronically ill people regarding COVID-19. For as awful a toll as the COVID-19 pandemic has exacted on our medical system, telehealth has been a bright spot for…
A gauge with an arrow in the middle, ranging from low expectations to high expectations

Low Expectations are a Form of Casual Ableism

When I was an administrator of a disability discussion group, I advocated banning a member who was trolling another moderator. This individual was rude, condescending, and arrogant. Simply put, her behavior violated the conduct standards we had upheld on numerous…
A football player scoring a touchdown

Stop Sharing Those Viral Videos of the Disabled High Schooler Scoring the Touchdown

As a lifelong sports fan, it’s no accident that I see several suggested videos emphasizing athletics on my Facebook feed. Too often, however, the half-court buzzer-beaters and game-winning touchdowns are interspersed with benevolent athletes offering charity to those they deem…
An image of a brain made up of different colored ropes. At the back, the ropes are fraying.

Why Inspirational Memes About Mental Health Disabilities Are So Damaging

As a person with mental health disabilities, nothing makes me seethe like those who create inspirational memes that do more damage than good to the people in my community. Whenever I encounter such feel-good shibboleths, my hands tense, my breathing