Half of an illustrated outline of an Oscar award, surrounded by gold stars and purple, pink, and green sparkles.

Crip Camp Deserves an Oscar Win for Subverting Typical Narratives and Centralizing Disabled People

“I wanted to be part of the world, but I didn’t see anyone like me in it.” These words, spoken by James LeBrecht indicate the lack of disability representation in media. Countering this lack of representation, LeBrecht set…
A large snow drift covering a sidewalk, making it impassable.

Unshoveled College Campuses Leave Disabled Students in the Cold

Have you ever wondered why the song is titled “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”? The answer is quite simple: the Winter Wonderland is completely inaccessible, leaving thousands of people with physical disabilities and mobility impairments unable to traverse through the…
People standing to form the shape of a megaphone.

Disability and Tokenism: Why No One Can Speak On Behalf of Everyone

Why is it that so many people look at a single person from a minority group and automatically assume that they represent the group as a whole? Nowhere does this issue, known as tokenism, seem more prevalent than in higher