Rooted in Rights 2023 and Beyond

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Hello Rooted in Rights followers, contributors, and supporters! This is Allexa, the Director of Rooted in Rights (RiR), reaching out to you all to let you know of some changes to expect from RiR and some exciting things happening now!

We are in the midst of transition, and, starting in 2023, Rooted in Rights will be pivoting from short form pieces to producing a long form investigative video piece on deinstitutionalization.

We plan to use our expertise in video production, disability rights, and our access authority to produce a piece that can be used across the movement. We are in early stages of development, but we will be reaching out with updates and with opportunities to provide community input. 

Anyone immediately interested in collaborating on this piece, reach out to me at and I will reach back out in the new year. 

This means a few changes for Rooted in Rights. One change is that we will no longer be available to collaborate on fee for service work, workshops, or other collaborations. 

Also, we will be pulling back from regular social media posting and will be reorganizing our social media platforms over the next couple months. 

The blog will continue publishing! Myself and our Editor-In-Chief Denarii Grace are excited to announce an increase in the minimum payment for all blog writers! Our $150 standard rate is increased to $400 for published blogs! 

Additionally, we invite you to a storytelling opportunity at A state wide campaign to share the stories of Washingtonians with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The website just launched! 

For folks in Washington from historically marginalized communities, we invite you to follow and attend ongoing Mental Health Support Days taking place virtually and in-person through the South King Emotional Wellness League (SKEWL). The next event is December 17th and info can be found at 

Coming soon!

  • Border Narratives, a series of profiles from folks with disabilities living at the US-Mexico Border. 

In the new year: 

Upcoming for the 2023 legislative session: remains the place to find everything we’ve produced. We hope you continue to share all our resources and stories! We will also have an updated website in 2023. 

Below, I’ve highlighted a small selection of some of our most requested and shared videos, resources, and stories. Please continue to use them in your advocacy!

  • Tips on making your media accessible, Access That.
  • Our collection of Storytellers videos, featuring topics such as emergency preparedness, access to the outdoors, community inclusion, and much more!
  • Ask to Vax. A series of videos about the importance of the Covid-19 vaccine to the disability community. Videos feature ASL and captions in five languages.
  • Our existing documentaries, Right to be Rescued, Bottom Dollars, and On the Outs.
  • Need to share about barriers to voting for folks with disabilities? Check out Vote for Access.
  • Interested in insight from parents with disabilities raising kids with disabilities? Check out Parenting Without Pity.
  • Need a response when mental health disabilities are blamed for gun violence? Check out our response video.
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Rooted in Rights exists to amplify the perspectives of the disability community. Blog posts and storyteller videos that we publish and content we re-share on social media do not necessarily reflect the opinions or values of Rooted in Rights nor indicate an endorsement of a program or service by Rooted in Rights. We respect and aim to reflect the diversity of opinions and experiences of the disability community. Rooted in Rights seeks to highlight discussions, not direct them. Learn more about Rooted In Rights

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