Australia to develop national insurance plan

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News from Australia

Australia is following through on the creation of a no-fault national disability insurance plan, following the recommendation of a national commission last month.

On August 19, Prime Minister Gillard, along with other Australian federal, state and territorial leaders, announced they had agreed to develop the plan, setting a timeline for the end of December to lay out out the system’s basic guidelines.

“We will, as first ministers, as (Council of Australian Governments) develop high level principles by the end of the year to guide this reform process, including foundation reforms, funding and governance,” she said in an article by Dow Jones newswires.

Gillard’s Productivity Commission, in a report released July 31, recommended creating a program by 2015, costing an estimated $6.3 billion per year and affecting about 360,000 people with disabilities. The country’s current disability insurance system currently consists of different insurance systems in each of its five states and territories.