Assisted Suicide Legislation Defeated

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Lesson Title

Death with dignity/assisted suicide legislation defeated

Video title, link and release date

Death with dignity/assisted suicide legislation defeated, June 7, 2013

Video Length

Three minutes, Thirty-one seconds

Grade Level

High School


The State of Connecticut recently chose to not pursue a bill that would have legalized physician-assisted suicide.

The denial of the bill is only the latest in a string of victories for some disability rights activists, who were also instrumental in the stoppage of a similar bill in Massachusetts.

Currently, two U.S. states permit physician-assisted suicide.

Many disability advocacy groups — including Not Dead Yet and Second Thoughts — oppose the measures due to worries that physician-assisted suicide will lead to abuse and coercion and that patients would have second thoughts if they were provided with better services in hospitals or living centers.

Review Questions

1. Which two states allow physician-assisted suicide?


2. What does the procedure to be granted assisted suicide look like in Washington and Oregon?


3. What alternative solution to the debate over assisted suicide does Cathy Ludlum propose?


Freewriting “Journal” Prompt

What about this report do you have questions about?

How do you feel about euthanasia? Is it a proper way to die with dignity? Or is it morally reprehensible? A threat to human rights?

What do you want to know more about?

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