ARC launches National Center on Future Planning

Freeway sign that reads "What's Next?"
Planning for the future

The nation’s largest disability rights organization has created a new center for providing long-term assistance for families and individuals with disabilities.The ARC’s new National Center for Future Planning will “empower aging caregivers to plan for the future of their adult son or daughter with (intellectual disabilities), providing families with information, resources, and practical assistance in person-centered planning,” according to a March 12 news release.

In addition, the center aims to provide assistance on guardianship and assisted decision-making, housing supports and financial planning, among other subjects.

“There is a silent crisis facing our country that desperately needs a solution – what happens when there is no plan for how an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability will live life to the fullest when the loved one they live with is no longer with them?” said Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc, in the news release.

“In the last twenty years, people with disabilities have made great strides to live independently, be a part of their community, and experience all they want in life. But too many people are facing the next chapter in their lives without a plan, and The Arc is seeking to provide help to families and people with disabilities looking for that roadmap.”

The May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust has provided a two-year grant, worth $800,000, to assist with the effort.