Alicia Alonsa Martinez, Cuban Ballerina

Portrait of Alicia Alonso Martinez
Alicia Alonso Martinez

Alicia Alonso Martinez is a well-known ballerina. It is staggering that she can still be a ballerina even though her disability is being a practically blind person. Alicia was born on December 21, 1920 in Havana, Cuba. She is now ninety-one. She is a Cuban prima ballerina and choreographer. Since her childhood she has fallen in love with music and dance. Ballet de Cuba, her company, was established in 1955. She is most famous for her role of Giselle and the ballet interpretation of Carmen.

Since the age of nineteen she has been partially blind and has an eye defect. She married a fellow student of ballet, Fernando Alonso in 1937. Then she moved to New York City with her husband to pursue her dance career. She soon gave birth to a daughter named Laura. Her company is called Ballet de Cuba that was established in 1955. Her partners had to be right where she expected them to be so that she could tell what to do. She also used the lights to guide her.

I think she is a very amazing person. Even though she was partially blind she followed her dream. That gives me so much inspiration to follow my dreams. I am a ballerina so I can relate to her, but I can’t really imagine how she did it being partially blind! Over all she is an inspiring, fantasizing, and remarkable woman.